Provision of notarial services to the population is ensured even in a pandemic

Even during a pandemic, such as Covid-19, it is possible to consult a notary in their office. To protect all parties involved, notaries have taken measures to reduce personal contact and ensure that hygiene and distance regulations are observed.

As public officials, notaries assume important tasks in the field of preventive administration of justice. They are of systemic importance to the functioning of certain key areas of economic and legal life. “Notarial offices stay open so that citizens can continue to have, inter alia, wills, lasting powers of attorney and urgent real estate transactions authenticated”, explains the President of the Bundesnotarkammer, Prof. Dr. Jens Bormann. “Moreover, companies can contact us at any time regarding company law related matters.”

Even with the measures taken by the Federal Government and the Federal States on the restriction of social contact, necessary meetings with the notary can still take place. It goes without saying that the notary’s offices are complying with all the official requirements and recommendations for distance, separation and hygiene measures.

Authentication dates can be arranged in individual cases in such a way that personal contact between the parties involved is completely avoided or at least considerably reduced. Thus, in certain circumstances, authentications can only be made with certain parties involved or with representatives. Wills, for example, can be established by handing over a document to the notary. Appointments for meetings can easily be made by telephone or other electronic means of communication. All citizens are requested to discuss the exact procedure with their notary. However, for the protection of all parties involved, in future it will only be possible to enter notary’s offices after prior notification.

“The spread of the coronavirus poses considerable challenges for all of us. We notaries want to support the population seeking justice in this situation as best we can”, emphasises Bormann.

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