Decision-making bodies of the Bundesnotarkammer

The Executive Committee and the Assembly of Representatives are the decision-making bodies of the Bundesnotarkammer.
Infografik Organe der Bundesnotarkammer

The Executive Committee consists of the President, two Vice-Presidents and four other members. They are elected by the Assembly of Representatives of the Bundesnotarkammer. Members work on an honorary basis. The President officially represents the Bundesnotarkammer.

The Assembly of Representatives is composed of the representatives of the 21 regional chambers of notaries. The Presidents of the regional chambers of notaries or another member delegated by them act as representatives. The Assembly of Representatives is the main decision-making body of the Bundesnotarkammer and meets at least twice a year.

With the approval of the Assembly of Representatives, the Executive Committee appoints one or more directors who coordinate the activities of the Bundesnotarkammer in accordance with the President’s instructions. The Director-General heads the office and the directors and other members of the Directorate delegated by the regional chambers of notaries are notary candidates (Notarassessoren). They are appointed or delegated on a fixed-term basis.