30th Congress of German Civil Law Notaries in Hamburg provides insights into the future of our legal system
Forming a limited liability company from home? Determining the validity of a power of attorney in a few seconds using blockchain technology? At the(…)
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30th Congress of German Civil Law Notaries in Hamburg
The Bundesnotarkammer is organising the 30th Congress of German Civil Law Notaries as a hybrid event in Hamburg from 27 to 28 May 2021.
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Company law goes digital – online formation made in Germany
According to the draft law transposing the Digital Tools Directive published today by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection,(…)
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New reporting requirements to combat money laundering in real estate transactions
Position of the Bundesnotarkammer on the entry into force of the Regulation on matters in the real estate sector that are reportable under the Money(…)
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eGovernment prize for the first blockchain cooperation in the judiciary
Bundesnotarkammer and Bavarian Ministry of Justice are developing an electronic register for valid powers of attorney | Idea awarded with a second(…)
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Innovation prize for the judiciary’s first co-operative blockchain project
The Bundesnotarkammer and the Bavarian Ministry of Justice’s project testing the digital version of notarial powers of attorney and certificates of(…)
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Provision of notarial services to the population is ensured even in a pandemic
Even during a pandemic, such as Covid-19, it is possible to consult a notary in their office. To protect all parties involved, notaries have taken(…)
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