Directorate of the Bundesnotarkammer

The Directorate coordinates the activities of the Bundesnotarkammer in accordance with the President’s instructions.

The directors of the Bundesnotarkammer and their legal advisers are only appointed for a limited time. This particularly ensures a practice-oriented activity. The Director-General heads the office. Currently, the Bundesnotarkammer’s Directorate consists of:


Dr. Nicola Hoischen, LL.M. (Cologne/Paris 1)
Notary candidate


Andreas Bosch
Notary a.D. (non practising)

Matthias Frohn
Notary candidate

Dr. Peter Stelmaszczyk
Maître en Droit (Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne)
Notary candidate

Dr. Sebastian Löffler
Notary a.D. (non practising), deputy Director

Legal advisers

Valerie Barthel
Notary candidate

Dr. Andreas Bernert
Notary candidate

Dr. Nadja Danninger
Notary candidate

Dr. Philipp Kienzle
Notary candidate

Steven Liersch
Notary candidate

Felix Schmitt
Notary candidate

Dr. Benedikt Strauß
Notary candidate

Martin Thelen
Notary candidate