The Executive Committee of the Bundesnotarkammer

The President officially represents the Bundesnotarkammer. In addition to the President, the Executive Committee consists of two Vice-Presidents and six other members.

Respectively, one of the Vice-Presidents must be a single-profession notary (Nurnotar) and the other must exercise the notarial profession as an additional office alongside their function as attorney (Anwaltsnotar). In total, the Executive Committee is formed by four single-profession notaries and three attorney-notaries.

At present, the following representatives are members of the Bundesnotarkammer’s Executive Committee:


Foto von Prof. Dr. Jens Bormann, Präsident der Bundesnotarkammer

Professor Dr. Jens Bormann, LL.M. (Harvard)
Notary, Ratingen

1st Vice-President

Dr. Monika Beckmann-Petey
Attorney-notary, Bremen

2nd Vice-President

Heiko Zier
Notary, Hamburg

Other members

Christian Auffenberg
Attorney-notary, Paderborn

Dr. Ulrich Haupt
Attorney-notary, Hannover

Dr. Michael Schröder
Attorney-notary, Westerstede

Dr. Karsten Schwipps
Notary, Dresden

Dr. Markus Sikora
Notary, Munich

Peter Wandel
Notary, Esslingen am Neckar